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Great New Zealanders (and top notch travellers) 

Bacon Brothers is a ragtag group of adventurers, teachers, backpackers, lawyers, accountants, aeroplane pilots, computer scientists, dentists and engineers.

We are a bunch of Great New Zealanders and Top Notch Travellers from around the world who are choosing to create happiness by making our customers days with amazing customer experiences and cheeky banter. The delicious food is just something we do on the side.

We are a small fish in a big sea, but we are choosing to be here, and daring to be different, in a world where it is frowned upon to be a tall poppy in a field full of normal sized poppies.

Everything about Bacon Bros is different from the norm.

We use fresh avocados, freshly baked bread, free range and ethical ingredients. We wear ethical Mallu and Freeset uniforms. We love our staff like family, and our staff love us like brothers. We pay our staff well, give bonuses to the brothers that make a customers day. We create customer interactions like hugs, winks, jokes, quotes and smiles, rather than just let the customer walk away without a memorable experience. We choose to create happiness, as its something anybody can make for free, and it can change somebodies day.

Any good chef can make a great meal, but we are also choosing to create amazing customer experiences, and we hope that this can flow on to other industries and sectors, as we believe that this is what is lacking around in the world. We want everybody to care about their customer as much as we do.

The burger bars’ doors have been open for 150 days now, and we are honoured that the people of Christchurch and around the world have supported us so passionately through the early days. We are still learning (and very much acknowledge that we have so much more to learn, we are only novices), and everyday we strive to create a happier and more consistently amazing experience.

The next focus will be on Uber Eats, Online Ordering, getting the wait times down during the busy lunch and dinner rushes and continuing to make all of customers smile.

We look forward to creating happiness, and we are excited to see where the next step of our journey takes us.

Love the Bacon Bros